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InstantEye UAV used by United States Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in aftermath of Hurricane Dorian
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ANDOVER, MA – September 9, 2019 – “1st Lt Michael Panco and Capt Avant Borucki ready an InstantEye UAV for use in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. CAP uses InstantEye UAVs to support FEMA Urban Search and Rescue teams in … Read More

InstantEye Robotics Announces Extended Range, Endurance, and Payload Capacity Mk-3 SUAS Systems
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ANDOVER, MA – June 6, 2019 – InstantEye Robotics announces the availability of new extended range, endurance, and payload capacity variants of the InstantEye Mk-3 family of  Group I sUAS systems. The InstantEye Mk-3 GEN4-D1 (ISR) is a long-endurance variant … Read More