Thomas Vaneck
Vice President

Dr. Vaneck is an expert in the fields of robotics and sensing systems featuring miniaturized electronic, electromechanical and electro-optical components. He has developed robotic concepts and systems that swim, float, crawl, fly, orbit the Earth and explore other worlds in the search of life. His current focus is bio-inspired robots to improve performance and reduce the cost of next-generation robotic systems.

Richard Guiler
Director of Products

Dr. Guiler has led a series of technology development programs focused on creating Robust Bio-inspired robots and Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs), the culmination of which is the InstantEye small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS). Before joining PSI, Dr. Guiler worked as an aerospace engineer with management, research, aerodynamics, propulsion, and composites experience.  Dr. Guiler leads the development, testing and manufacturing of the InstantEye family of products.