Mission Battery Systems

Mission Battery

InstantEye Mission Batteries provide unparalleled levels of endurance, payload capacity, and wind stability throughout the product line.  They use proprietary High Active battery chemistry, incorporated in purpose-built cell designs.  They achieve the combination of high rate and high capacity required for missions ranging from long-duration ISR to charge emplacement for IED defeat.  High-rate chargers maintain operational readiness without sacrificing cycle life or safety.


Soldier-Centric Awareness

The Mission Battery enabled Mk-3 GEN5-D1 system is a near 30 minute endurance packable personal ISR platform with a quiet but high thrust-to-weight ratio propulsion system that provides all weather and high wind (20 mph +) performance.  No other personal ISR platform provides this capability at InstantEye’s price point.


Persistent ISR

The Mk-3 GEN4D-D1 (ISR) flight vehicle, with its highly packable folding prop design, high efficiency motor drives, and double-stack Mission Battery configuration, provides flight times approaching 60 minutes using its organic ISR capability (thermal and 5MP video).  Extended range ISR payloads can be added with modest reductions in flight endurance.


Payload Heavy Lift

The workhorse Mk-3 GEN4D-D1 (HL) system, equipped with its Mission Battery, allows the operator to trade endurance and payload capacity without compromising wind performance or vehicle control (figure).  The vehicle’s interface port supplies power, control, and data handling supporting a broad range of payload capabilities.