InstantEye Services

The InstantEye Robotics Mobile Training Team (MTT) is operated by Special Operations Forces (SOF) veterans with over 140 collective years of experience in worldwide missions. The MTT's mission is to provide the highest quality training, service, and equipment available in response to customer needs.

The InstantEye Robotics MTT combines competent and vetted professionals with a corporate policy of flexibility and rapid responsiveness to ensure customer satisfaction. The MTT will develop realistic and customized training scenarios with the customer to provide useful flight mission training, as they would typically experience in the field.

We provide cost-effective, innovative solutions in order to improve the operational effectiveness of DoD, law enforcement, first responders and commercial customers. This is accomplished by providing relevant subject matter expertise, a passionate commitment to the customer's mission, and an unwavering dedication to quality in contract performance in our core competencies: Tactical Employment Training, Personal Security Operations, Emergency Response and Natural Disasters, Urban and Rural Operations, and Search and Rescue.

The InstantEye MTT frequently participates in government-sponsored exercises, events, evaluations, and demonstrations. Please contact us for information on upcoming events or to see if the MTT will be near you.