InstantEye Training

The InstantEye Robotics Operations Detachment (OPSDET) is organized into several strategic domains to best support client training requirements.


InstantEye Academy (IE-A) – Is a premier, 75-acre, state of the art training facility located in Woodlawn, TN capable of training up to 20 personnel at one time.

Mobile Training Team (MTT) – The MTT can deploy to CONUS and OCONUS locations in support of all training requirements.  Unique to the MTT is the fact it is self-supporting and requires virtually no infrastructure from the end user except for an approved flight area.  The team can deploy and scale to support classes from 4 to 20 personnel at a time.

Fort Benning Mission Support Site (FB-MSS) – Is an office located at Columbus State University that serves to support U.S. Army Experimentation events as well as tenant organizations such as the Maneuver Center of Excellence with deriving and documenting sUAS requirements.


The OPSDET is manned by veteran U.S. Army Special Forces Operators with over 100 collective years of experience in some of the most diverse mission sets within the special operations community. Their core mission is to provide the highest quality training, service, and equipment available in response to all customer needs.

The team combines competent and vetted professionals with a corporate policy of flexibility and responsiveness to ensure customer satisfaction. The OPSDET continually develops realistic and customized training scenarios with customer input to ensure relevant flight mission training, as they would typically experience in full spectrum environments.

We provide affordable, relevant solutions to improve the operational effectiveness of DoD, law enforcement, first responders and commercial organizations. This is accomplished by providing specific subject matter expertise, a passionate commitment to the customer's mission, and an unwavering dedication to quality.